Tom Ludwig (7 of 40)

This is the website of UK based drummer, educator, author and drum tech, Tom O. Mitchell.

Tom has been playing drums since 1999 and teaching professionally since 2004. He studied Music at West Kent College in Tonbridge before going on to tutor a handful of private students under the name of T.O.M Drum Tuition. Tom has studied with some of the world’s top educators and drummers including: Dom Famularo, David Garibaldi, Steve White, Pat Garvey, Jason Bowld, Pete Riley & Craig Blundell and he runs Kent’s biggest drum school, DrumWise.

Tom’s book ‘Find Your Beat!’ is a book for complete beginners who want to pick up the sticks for the first time and focus on learning to play something quickly without having to worry about reading music or learning music theory. All the first exercises are written out in colourful words and are laid out in a strategic way which will benefit younger drummers and adults who find reading music daunting.
Also included are some simple reading exercises and two play-along tracks. From learning a basic groove and perfecting drum fills to ultimately reading drum music and playing along with music, this book covers all a beginner needs to know.

‘Find Your Beat’ is available from Hudson Music as an E-book and from the DrumWise website as a printed copy:


Musicians that Tom has been involved with include:

Anastacia, Purple Zeppelin, Emma Stevens, ABBAGirls, H-Boogie (Get Far), Ben’s Brother, Heel, The Megadudes, Lookout Joe, Deportivo, Spirits Of The Twelve, Headspace, Playing Nervous, The Usual Suspects, Broadview, Jon Cunningham, and The BART Group.

Tom proudly endorses Ludwig Drums, Istanbul Agop Cymbals, Vater Sticks, Evans Drumheads, Protection Racket Cases, Roland Electronics and Porter & Davies Thrones.